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Pictobraille™ is the registered trademark of an Australian made sign product that combines all of the elements of communication necessary to be understood by a broad range of people.

It is a durable, easily cleaned, product with a vandal resistant finish.
It is simply mounted to most surfaces and will give many long years of service.

The Pictobraille™ range not only includes standard signage, we are able to produce custom signage in a variety of sizes, styles and materials.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) is updated every year and released on 1st of May. This over the years has brought with it many new requirements for Braille & tactile signs, such as including the requirement for a more concise description in tactile. (ie: Male toilet went from displaying "Toilet" as tactile lettering to "Male Toilet").

This year, the new update now requires buildings to have Braille & tactile exit signs. You will find these for purchase in the menu bar to your left of the page. We are able to customise the exit signs to reflect what level you require them to read.

Don't be caught by suppliers that fail to update their stock to reflect the new requirements.

In this document by the Australian Human Rights Commision, "Photo 1" in the Braille and tactile signage section is of one of our 2009 edition signs (the layout was changed in 2010 to conform to the 2010 requirements. This had been subsequentially changed since as well to keep current). It is an example of our product leading the way in ensuring clear and effective signage.

For more information on the Building Code Requirements, please click on the "BCA Requirements" link above or contact us on 07 3848 7371.

Our range not only includes Braille & tactile signage but also BCA Compliant stair nosing and Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSIs)