NCC/BCA & AS1428.1 Compliant
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Accessible Adult Change Facility

As of the 1st of May 2019, Accessible Adult Change Facilities will need to be installed in some Class 6 and Class 9b buildings such as Shopping Centres, Sports Venues, Art Galleries, Theatres and passenger areas within Airports.

Where these facilities are not installed in the same location as a bank of sanitary facilities or accessible unisex sanitary facilities, a directional sign must be provided directing a person to the location of the nearest Accessible Adult Change Facility within the building.

Specification F2.9 Accessible adult change facilities
(Source: NCC 2019 BCA Volume One)

1. Scope
This Specification contains the requirements for accessible adult change facilities.
2. General requirements
(a) Each accessible adult change facility must—
(i) be constructed so that all required equipment and fixtures are contained within the same room; and
(ii) if it is a unisex facility, be located such that it can be entered without crossing an area reserved for one sex
(b) In each accessible adult change facility, the following must be provided:
(i) A hoist complying with Clause 3.
(ii) A toilet pan, seat, backrest and grabrails complying with Clause 4.
(iii) A washbasin and tap complying with Clause 5.
(iv) Fixtures and fittings as specified in Clause 6.
(v) A change table complying with Clause 7.
(vi) Changing rails complying with Clause 8.
(vii) An automated entrance door complying with Clause 9.
(viii) Signage complying with Clause 10.
(ix) Operating instructions for the hoist and change table in accordance with Clause 11.
(x) Circulation spaces complying with Figure 2.